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1977 Victoria Rosebuds

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Lone Star League (1977)

Born: 1977 – Lone Star League founding franchise.
Folded: Postseason 1977

Stadium: Riverside Stadium

Major League Affiliation: None

Owner: Jack Bartlett

Lone Star League Championships: None


The 1977 Victoria Rosebuds were a doomed minor league baseball team that played in the Lone Star League, an all-Texan independent league that operated for one summer only before disbanding.   The Rosebuds replaced the Victoria Cowboys (1976) at Riverside Stadium, who met the same one-and-done fate a year earlier.

Owner Jack Bartlett of California revived the traditional local “Rosebuds” name, which was used by various Victoria ball clubs in the early 20th century and again from 1957 to 1961.  25-year old Tom Zimmer, son of Boston Red Sox manager Don Zimmer, was the Rosebuds’ player-manager.  No members of the team ever made the Major Leagues.

The Rosebuds finished the 1977 season with a 38-42 record, which was third best in the Lone Star League.  The league was in stark financial straits by the end of the regular season and decided to disband without holding playoffs.



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