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1982-1987 Salem Angels

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Salem AngelsNorthwest League (1982-1987)

Born: 1982 – Affiliation change from Salem Senators
Affiliation Change: 1988 (Salem Dodgers)

Stadium: Chemeketa Field

Team Colors:

Owners: Clint Holland, et al.

Northwest League Champions: 1982


The Salem Angels were an Oregon-based short-season Class A affiliate of the California Angels during the mid-1980’s. During Salem’s first season as an Angels’ affiliate, the club won the Northwest League championship. This despite finishing the regular season with a losing record of 34-36.

Notable players included Kirk McCaskill (Salem ’82), Mark McLemore (Salem ’82), Dante Bichette (Salem ’84) and Chuck Finley (Salem ’85).

Local stockbroker Clint Holland operated the Angels as a mom-and-pop operation, serving as co-owner, team President and General Manager. The Angels played on the campus of Chemeketa Community College.

“Our attendance was steady all the way through,” Holland told The Salem Statesman-Journal for a 1996 retrospective. “We operated just barely in the black. Our problem was, we kept putting money into the bathrooms, lights.”

Following the 1987 season, Holland sold the Angels to serial minor league investor David Elmore. The team’s Major League affiliation changed at the same time, with the Los Angeles Dodgers replacing the Angels for the 1988 season. After two more seasons as the Salem Dodgers, the franchise left town for Yakima, Washington in 1990.



Northwest League Programs


Written by Drew Crossley

August 9th, 2016 at 2:44 am

1977-1981 Salem Senators


Salem Senators ProgramNorthwest League (1977-1981)

Born: 1977 – Northwest League expansion franchise
Affiliation Change: 1982 (Salem Angels)




The Salem Senators were an independent franchise (i.e. no Major League parent club) in the short-season Class A Northwest League.  The Senators were a brand revival of Salem’s earlier Senators team, which played in the city from 1940 until 1960. Stockton, California businessman Carl Thompson founded the team in 1977.  Thompson and his wife Noreen owned several low-level minor league clubs in California and the Pacific Northwest during the 1970’s, typically running the clubs as independents, which allowed Thompson to appoint himself field manager.

The Thompsons’ operation was a ramshackle effort to put it mildly.  The Sens’ shared a Little League field during their first season. Carl Thompson threatened to cancel a 1977 game over a dispute with the local Parrish Little League over who would pay $75 for liability insurance at Holland Youth Park. The game only proceeded after Northwest League Commissioner Bob Richmond forked over the seventy-five bucks himself.  The Sens’ rarely drew more than a couple hundred fans a night.

Carl Thompson ran out of money midway through the Sens’ second season in the summer of 1978.  He released a number of players, including the Northwest League batting leader, and made noises about folding the team mid-summer. He was soon forced to sell by the Northwest League. A local group led by mobile home dealer Ben Yates stepped up and backstopped the Sens through the end of the season.

The Sens muddled along as an independent operation for five seasons through the summer of 1981. In 1982 the California Angels became Salem’s parent club and re-branded the ball club as the Salem Angels.

Only two Senators players ever advanced to the Major Leagues.  Catcher Darryl Cias (Sens ’78) had a cup of coffee with the Oakland A’s in 1983. Infielder Sap Randall (Sens ’81) got into four games for the White Sox in 1988.



Northwest League Programs



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