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Major League Volleyball (1987-1989)

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Major League Volleyball was an attempt to establish an all-women’s professional volleyball circuit in the United States.  The league launched in 1987 and even managed to land an ESPN cable TV contract to broadcast select matches.

The league toiled in obscurity and folded midway through its third season in March of 1989.

The Minnesota Monarchs franchise soldiered on for at least one additional season in the spring of 1990.  Billing themselves as members of the “Women’s International Volleyball League”, the Monarchs weren’t actually part of a league at all.  The club played an exhibition schedule at various locations around Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota against collegiate opponents, foreign clubs and the “Legends of Beach Volleyball”.  It appears the Monarchs faded quietly away after 1990.


==Franchise List==

Franchise Years Active Home Page Tagged Posts
Arizona Blaze 1988 Blaze Home Tagged posts
Chicago Breeze 1987-1989 Breeze Home Tagged Posts
Dallas Belles 1987 Belles Home Tagged Posts
Los Angeles Starlites 1987-1989 Starlites Home Tagged Posts
Minnesota Monarchs 1987-1990 Monarchs Home Tagged Posts
New York Liberties 1987-1989 Liberties Home Tagged Posts
Portland Spikers 1989 Spikers Home Tagged Posts
San Jose Golddiggers 1987-1989 Golddiggers Home Tagged Posts

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