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1989-1991 Atlanta Attack

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1989-90 Atlanta Attack ProgramAmerican Indoor Soccer Association (1989-1990)
National Professional Soccer League (1990-1991)

Born: August 1989 – AISA expansion franchise
Moved: September 4, 1991 (Kansas City Attack)

Arena: The Omni

Team Colors:

Owner: Ron Terwilliger

AISA Championships: None
NPSL Championships: None


Short-lived effort to establish the sport of indoor soccer at Atlanta’s Omni coliseum. The Atlanta Attack followed the earlier efforts of the Atlanta Chiefs of the North American Soccer League, who played two indoor campaigns at the Omni between 1979 and 1981.

The Attack formed as an expansion franchise in the five-year old American Indoor Soccer Association. Bt 1989, the AISA was starting to stretch its ambitions beyond 5,000-seater civic centers in the Upper Midwest. Attack founder Ron Terwilliger, one of the league’s wealthiest owners, was also offered a franchise in the larger budget Major Indoor Soccer League. And the Omni was more typical of the MISL, whose clubs often played in NBA and NHL arenas. But the housing developer was reportedly put off by the MISL’s much higher salary cap.

Croatian forward Drago Dumbovic was expected to be the Attack’s top scoring threat in 1989-90. But after a hot start, Atlanta traded Drago to the Hershey Impact two months into the season in January 1990. Drago went on to lead the AISA in scoring with 100 goals and 67 assists, most coming with Hershey. Despite trading away the league’s most explosive player, the Attack finished their expansion campaign with a respectable 2nd place finish in their division at 23-17. The Dayton Dynamo eliminated the Attack in the playoff semi-finals.

Heading into the 1990-91 season, the AISA re-branded itself as the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL). The Attack fielded another strong side, finishing 25-15. Journeyman Yugoslav forward Zoran Savic led the Attack with 56 goals and 33 assists. Once again, the Dayton Dynamo bounced Atlanta out of the playoffs.

The Attack’s top-dollar lease at the Omni proved to be the club’s undoing. New owners moved the team to Kansas City just prior to the 1991-92 NPSL season.

Former Attack owner Ron Terwilliger flirted with purchasing the Atlanta Braves in the mid-2000’s. He later purchased the Atlanta Dream of the Women’s National Basketball Association and operated that team from 2007 until 2009.


Atlanta Attack Video

This grainy 3-minute clip of the Attack hosting the Milwaukee Wave at the Omni in 1990 is the only video footage of the club available online.



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November 6th, 2016 at 7:35 pm

1995-1998 Cincinnati Silverbacks

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Cincinnati Silverbacks ProgramNational Professional Soccer League (1995-1998)

Born: March 1995 – The Dayton Dynamo relocate to Cincinnati, OH
Folded: August 5, 1998


Team Colors:

OwnerDoug Kirchhofer, et al.

NPSL Championships: None


The Cincinnati Silverbacks of the mid-1990’s marked the second attempt to establish professional indoor soccer in the Queen City. The Silverbacks followed the short-lived Cincinnati Kids, parrtially owned by Pete Rose (!), who played a single season at the Riverfront Coliseum back in the winter of 1978-79.

The Silverbacks were owned by Knoxville, Tennessee sports executive Doug Kirchhofer, who put together a small empire of Cincinnati sports and entertainment interests during the 1990’s. Kirchhofer’s Cincinnati Entertainment Associates owned the Silverbacks, the Cincinnati Cyclones of the International Hockey League and the Cincinnati Stuff of the International Basketball League. Kirchhofer and his partners also engineered the $35 million purchase and renovation of the Riverfront Coliseum in 1997.

The Silverbacks never got much traction in Cincinnati.  Announced attendance languished at the ancient 10,000-seat Cincinnati Gardens during the club’s first two seasons. The club moved to the Riverfront Coliseum (re-named “The Crown”) in 1997 after Kirchhofer’s purchase of the bigger arena.  Crowds ticket up modestly at the Crown, but not enough to save the Silverbacks. The team claimed only 100 season ticket holders and less than $200,000 in corporate sponsorship in 1997-98. Silverbacks officials shuttered the team in the summer of 1998, finding it increasingly difficult to justify weekend dates for indoor soccer at The Crown at the expense of more profitable concerts and hockey games.

On the carpet, the Cincinnati Silverbacks brought in a handful of top indoor veterans, including Franklin McIntosh, Bernie Lilavois and Gino DiFlorio. DiFlorio finished 3rd in the NPSL in scoring in 1997-98. Carlos Pena held down starting goalkeeper duties for all three seasons.  The team never really put things together, managing a lone winning season (21-19) in 1996-97.  The Silverbacks finished in last place (15-25) in their final campaign in 1997-98.


Cincinnati Silverbacks Video



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1979-2001 Wichita Wings

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Wichita Wings Media GuideMajor Indoor Soccer League (1979-1992)
National Professional Soccer League (1992-2001)

Born: August 21, 1979 – MISL expansion franchise.
Folded: May 18, 2001 

Arena: Kansas Coliseum

Team Colors:


MISL Championships: None
NPSL Championships: None


Text Body


Wichita Wings Shop

Wings Retro T-Shirt by Throwback Max

Make This Town Big: The Story of Roy Turner and the Wichita Wings by Tim O’Bryhim & Michael Romalis



Wichita Wings Memorabilia



1987-88 Major Indoor Soccer League Rule Book & Schedule 



Good Seat Still Available Podcast: Episode 31: Indoor Soccer’s Wichita Wings with Mike Romalis & Tim O’Bryhim

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1996-2000 Edmonton Drillers

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Edmonton Drillers Media GuideNational Professional Soccer League (1996-2000)

Born: August 23, 1996 – The Chicago Power relocate to Edmonton.
Folded: November 30, 2000

Arena: Edmonton Coliseum (17,400)

Team Colors: Black, Lime Green & White


NPSL Championships: None


The Edmonton Drillers indoor soccer team of the late 1990’s was a brand revival of the original Edmonton Drillers (1979-1982) of the North American Soccer League.  The NASL Drillers competed year-round, playing outdoors at Commonwealth Stadium and Clarke Stadium in the spring and summer and indoors at the Northlands Coliseum during the wintertime.

Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington owned the original Drillers and he was also the man who re-established the club in 1996 by purchasing and relocating the insolvent Chicago Power franchise in the National Professional Soccer League. Pocklington hired Ross Ongaro, a veteran of the NASL Drillers squads, to coach the team.

Two years later, Pocklington’s creditors forced him to sell off the Oilers and his other sporting assets. The Drillers appeared to be dead in the water in the spring of 1998.  The team’s 10-person staff was let go and the team sat dark for much of the summer as Pocklington’s sports empire was disassembled.

In late July, a local white knight appeared in the person of advertising executive Wojtek Wojcicki.  The Drillers had their most successful on-field moments during Wojcicki’s ownership, including a divisional championship in 1999 and back-to-back playoff semi-final appearances in 1999 and 2000.  But the ad man didn’t have the money to shoulder the Drillers’ red ink and unfavorable lease at the Northlands Coliseum for long.

On November 15, 2000, Wojcicki missed payroll for the Drillers. The team was just one month into its fifth season of play. The NPSL took over operation of the club for two weeks. But the league’s other owners had little appetite to underwrite the Drillers’ losses for the rest of the winter. With no local buyer on the horizon, the NPSL terminated the franchise on November 30th, 2000, just 9 games into a planned 40-game schedule.



The Edmonton Drillers Archive

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1990-2001 Detroit Rockers

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Pato Margetic Detroit RockersNational Professional Soccer League (1990-2001)

Born: October 1989 – NPSL expansion franchise.
Folded: Postseason 2001


Team Colors:



The Detroit Rockers were an indoor soccer team that earned a modest following in the Motor City during the 1990’s.  The Rockers won the championship of the National Professional Soccer League during their second season in the winter of 1991-92.  But for most part the Rockers were also-rans, failing to make the playoffs during their final six seasons of existence.

Key performers included forward Andy Chapman (1991-1994), player-coach Pato Margetic (1994-1999), forward Drago Dumbovic, and long-time goalkeeper Bryan Finnerty.

From 1993 until 1999 the Rockers were owned by Detroit Red Wings and Tigers owner Mike Ilitch and his wife Marian. During this same period, Detroit had a competing indoor team, the Detroit Neon, owned by Pistons owner William Davidson.  But by the late 1990’s, heavy hitter investors like Ilitch and Davidson soured on indoor soccer.  The Neon folded in 1997 and Ilitch sold off the Rockers in 1999.

In a cost-cutting move, the team moved to a small suburban arena in suburban Plymouth Township in 2000. The Rockers folded quietly the following year.





==Detroit Rockers Programs on Fun While It Lasted==

Season Date Opponent Score Program Other


1993-94 3/26/1994 @ Buffalo Blizzard L 12-8 Program


1995-96 12/17/1995 vs. St. Louis Ambush W 22-13 Program


2000-01 1/19/2001 vs. Baltimore Blast W 14-10 Program



1999-00 Detroit Rockers promotional video.



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