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The WPBL published league media guides for the 1979-80 and 1980-81 seasons and its various clubs produced some very attractive game programs. All memorabilia from this league is pretty rare, but Chicago Hustle and Minnesota Fillies programs tend to be the most common. By contrast, in two decades of collecting we have never seen a program surface from the Philadelphia Fox or Washington Metros franchises.


1978 Milwaukee Does Program

1978 Chicago Hustle Program

1978 Iowa Cornets Program

1978 New Jersey Gems Program

1978 Houston Angels Program

1979 Chicago Hustle Program

1978-79 Dayton Rockettes Program

1978-79 Milwaukee Does Program

1979 Minnesota Fillies Program

1979 New Jersey Gems Program

1978-79 New York Stars Yearbook

1979 Iowa Cornets Program

1978-79 New York Stars Program

1979 Chicago Hustle Program

1979 New York Stars Program

1979 New Jersey Gems Program

1979 Iowa Cornets Program

1979 Dallas Diamonds Program

1979-80 Milwaukee Does Program

1979-80 Minnesota Fillies Program

1979-80 Chicago Hustle Program

1979-80 Chicago Hustle Program

Ann Meyers New Jersey Gems

Rita Easterling Chicago Hustle

1979-80 New Orleans Pride Program

1979-80 St. Louis Streak Program

1979-80 San Francisco Pioneers Program

1980 Iowa Cornets Program

Anne Donovan Old Dominion

Rita Easterling Chicago Hustle

1980-81 Chicago Hustle Program

1981 Dallas Diamonds Program

1981 New England Gulls Program

1980-81 Minnesota Fillies Program

1980-81 Nebraska Wranglers Program

1980-81 New Orleans Pride Program

1980-81 St. Louis Streak Program

1980-81 San Francisco Pioneers Yearbook

1981 WBL All-Star Game

Carol Blazejowski

1981 Chicago Hustle Program

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March 24th, 2012 at 2:53 pm

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  1. While cleaning out my attic I found a 70-80 NY stars WBL Program and it has one autograph by Gail Marquis on her photo. Any idea if there is a market for it?



    26 Apr 14 at 8:16 pm

  2. Hi Pam,

    You’ll typically see Women’s Basketball League programs sell for $15 and up on e-Bay depending on the team. Some teams are more common (Chicago, Milwaukee, Minnesota) whereas other you never see (California, Nebraska, New England). New York is probably a little more common – more on the $15 end of the spectrum. The autograph really doesn’t add any value in this case, since players from the WBL don’t have much name appeal or notoriety. In fact, many collector’s strongly prefer the programs be completely “clean” and without any writing in them, including player autographs.



    27 Apr 14 at 12:42 am

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