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The CBA produced thick, informative media guides for every season from 1978 through at least the 2000-01 season. Midway through the 2000-01 season, the league went out of business. It was revived later in 2001, but from that point was an even lower-budgeted affair. It’s not clear if the league produced any further annual guides from that point until its demise in 2009. While not exactly easy to find, you can typically find a couple of CBA league guides on e-Bay at any given time.

Much rarer still are individual team media guides. We’ve only come across a half dozen or over the years, several of which are pictured below.

As always, guides are listed in chronological order, oldest first. Some of these may be available in our e-Bay store on any given day. Click on a picture to find out if we have it in stock.

1978-79 CBA Media Guide

1980-81 CBA Media Guide

1981-82 CBA Media Guide

1982-83 CBA Media Guide

1984-85 Continental Basketball Association

1987-88 CBA Media Guide

1989-90 Grand Rapids Hoops Media Guide

1989-90 Omaha Racers Media Guide

1989-90 San Jose Jammers Media Guide

1991-92 Albany Patroons Media Guide

1992-93 Continental Basketball Association Guide & Register

1994-95 Continental Basketball Association Guide & Register

1995-96 Continental Basketball Association Guide & Register

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  1. Please let me know should you have a 1968 nasl media guide available for sale.

    Richard Hundley

    9 Oct 16 at 3:23 pm

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