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Continental Basketball Association (1978-2009)


For most of the 1980′s and 1990′s, the Continental Basketball Association was the Official Developmental League of the NBA. The league was a launching pad for the careers of several prominent coaches and players, including Phil Jackson, George Karl, Michael Adams, John Starks and Tim Legler.

The CBA also became a destination of last resort for a number of faded stars whose careers were derailed by drugs, injury or outsized expectations. This list is much longer and includes names such as Lloyd Daniels, John Drew, Michael Ray Richardson, Roy Tarpley, and Chris Washburn.

During it’s 30-year existence, the league had teams in dozens of cities and truly lived up to its “continental” ambitions, with teams from Honolulu to Anchorage to Mexico City to Puerto Rico. Most of these teams were very short-lived and often under-capitalized. The pursuit of CBA memorabilia presents a daunting but rewarding challenge for collectors.


==Franchise List==

Franchise Years Active Home Page Tagged Posts
Albany Patroons 1982-1992 Patroons Home Tagged Posts
Albany Patroons 2005-2009 Patroons Home Tagged Posts
Alberta Dusters 1980-1982 Dusters Home Tagged Posts
Albuquerque Silvers 1983-1985 Silvers Home Tagged Posts
Allentown Jets 1978-79 Jets Home Tagged Posts
Anchorage Northern Knights 1978-1982 Northern Knights Home Tagged Posts
Atlantic City Hi Rollers 1980-1982 Hi Rollers Home Tagged Posts
Bakersfield Jammers 1991-1992 Jammers Home Tagged Posts
Baltimore Lightning 1985-1986 Lightning Home Tagged Posts
Baltimore Metros 1978-1979 Metros Home Tagged Posts
Bay State Bombardiers 1983-1986 Bombardiers Home Tagged Posts
Billings Volcanos 1980-1983 Volcanos Home Tagged Posts
Birmingham Bandits 1991-1992 Bandits Home Tagged Posts
Butte Daredevils 2006-2008 Daredevils Home Tagged Posts
Capital Region Pontiacs 1992-1993 Pontiacs Home Tagged Posts
Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets 1988-1991 Silver Bullets Home Tagged Posts
Charleston Gunners 1986-1989 Gunners Home Tagged Posts
Chicago Rockers 1994-1996 Rockers Home Tagged Posts
Cincinnati Slammers 1984-1987 Slammers Home Tagged Posts
Columbus Horizon 1989-1994 Horizon Home Tagged Posts
Connecticut Pride 1995-2001 Pride Home Tagged Posts
Dakota Wizards 2001-2006 Wizards Home Tagged Posts
Detroit Spirits 1982-1986 Spirits Home Tagged Posts
East Kentucky Miners 2007-2009 Miners Home Tagged Posts
Evansville Thunder 1984-1986 Thunder Home Tagged Posts
Fargo-Moorhead Beez 2001-2002 Beez Home Tagged Posts
Fargo-Moorhead Fever 1992-1994 Fever Home Tagged Posts
Flint Fuze 2001-2002 Fuze Home Tagged Posts
Florida Beachdogs 1995-1997 Beachdogs Home Tagged Posts
Florida Stingers 1985-1986 Stingers Home Tagged Posts
Fort Wayne Fury 1991-2001 Fury Home Tagged Posts
Gary Steelheads 2000-2006 Steelheads Home Tagged Posts
Grand Rapids Hoops 1989-1994 & 1996-2003  Tagged Posts
Grand Rapids Mackers 1994-1996 Mackers Home Tagged Posts
Great Falls Explorers 2006-2008 Tagged Posts
Great Lakes Storm 2001-2005 Storm Home Tagged Posts
Harrisburg Hammerheads 1994-1995 Hammerheads Home Tagged Posts
Hartford Hellcats 1993-1995 Hellcats Home Tagged Posts
Hawaii Volcanos 1979-1980 Volcanos Home Tagged Posts
Idaho Stampede 1997-2001 & 2002-2006 Tagged Posts
Indiana Alley Cats 2006-2007 Tagged Posts
Jacksonville Jets 1986-1987 Jets Home Tagged Posts
Jersey Shore Bullets 1978-1979 Bullets Home Tagged Posts
Kansas City Sizzlers 1985-1986 Sizzlers Home Tagged Posts
La Crosse Bobcats 1996-2001 Bobcats Home Tagged Posts
La Crosse Catbirds 1985-1994 Catbirds Home Tagged Posts
Lancaster Lightning 1981-1984 Lightning Home Tagged Posts
Lancaster Red Roses 1978-1980 Red Roses Home Tagged Posts
Las Vegas Silvers 1982-1983 Silvers Home Tagged Posts
Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry 2007-2009 Cavalry Home Tagged Posts
Lehigh Valley Jets 1979-1981 Jets Home Tagged Posts
Louisville Catbirds 1983-1985 Catbirds Home Tagged Posts
Maine Lumberjacks 1978-1983 Lumberjacks Home Tagged Posts
Maine Windjammers 1985-1986 Windjammers Home Tagged Posts
Mexico City Aztecas 1994-1995 Aztecas Home Tagged Posts
Michigan Mayhem 2004-2006 Mayhem Home Tagged Posts
Minot Sky Rockets 2006-2009 Sky Rockets Home Tagged Posts
Mississippi Jets 1987-1989 Jets Home Tagged Posts
Mohawk Valley Thunderbirds 1978-1979 Thunderbirds Home Tagged Posts
Montana Golden Nuggets 1980-1983 Golden Nuggets Home Tagged Posts
Ohio Mixers 1982-1984 Mixers Home Tagged Posts
Oklahoma City Cavalry 1990-1997 Cavalry Home Tagged Posts
Omaha Racers 1989-1997 Racers Home Tagged Posts
Pennsylvania Barons 1979-1980 Barons Home Tagged Posts
Pensacola Tornados 1986-1991 Tornados Home Tagged Posts
Philadelphia Kings 1980-1981 Kings Home Tagged Posts
Pittsburgh Piranhas 1994-1995 Piranhas Home Tagged Posts
Pittsburgh Xplosion 2006-2008 Xplosion Home Tagged Posts
Puerto Rico Coquis 1983-1985 Coquis Home Tagged Posts
Quad City Thunder 1987-2001 Thunder Home Tagged Posts
Rapid City Thrillers 1987-1995 Thrillers Home Tagged Posts
Reno Bighorns 1982-1983 Bighorns Home Tagged Posts
Rio Grande Valley Silverados 2007-2008 Silverados Home Tagged Posts
Rochester Flyers 1987-1989 Flyers Home Tagged Posts
Rochester Renegade 1992-1994 Renegade Home Tagged Posts
Rochester Zeniths 1978-1983 Zeniths Home Tagged Posts
Rockford Lightning 1986-2006 Lightning Home Tagged Posts
San Diego Wildcards 1995-1996 Wildcards Home Tagged Posts
San Jose Jammers 1989-1991 Jammers Home Tagged Posts
Santa Barbara Islanders 1989-1990 Islanders Home Tagged Posts
Sarasota Stingers 1983-1985 Stingers Home Tagged Posts
Saskatchewan Hawks 2001-2002 Hawks Home Tagged Posts
Savannah Spirits 1986-1988 Spirits Home Tagged Posts
Scranton Aces 1980-1981 Aces Home Tagged Posts
Shreveport Crawdads 1994-1995 Crawdads Home Tagged Posts
Shreveport Storm 1995-1996 Storm Home Tagged Posts
Sioux Falls Skyforce 1989-2006 Skyforce Home Tagged Posts
Tampa Bay Thrillers 1984-1987 Thrillers Home Tagged Posts
Topeka Sizzlers 1986-1990 Sizzlers Home Tagged Posts
Toronto Tornados 1983-1986 Tornados Home Tagged Posts
Tri-City Chinook 1991-1995 Chinook Home Tagged Posts
Tulsa Fast Breakers 1988-1991 Fast Breakers Home Tagged Posts
Tulsa Zone 1991-1992 Zone Home Tagged Posts
Utah Eagles 2006-2007 Eagles Home Tagged Posts
Utica Olympics 1979-1980 Olympics Home Tagged Posts
Wichita Falls Texans 1988-1994 Texans Home Tagged Posts
Wilkes-Barre Barons 1978-1979 Barons Home Tagged Posts
Wisconsin Flyers 1982-1987 Flyers Home Tagged Posts
Wyoming Wildcatters 1982-1988 Wildcatters Home Tagged Posts
Yakama Sun Kings 2005-2008 Sun Kings Home Tagged Posts
Yakima Sun Kings 1990-2001 & 2002-2005 Sun Kings Home Tagged Posts

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  1. Those were the good ol’days of basketball!

    Jeff Stroble

    19 Aug 13 at 2:59 am

  2. As a resident of Bangor from 77 to 81 I watched some Maine Lumberjack games at the Bangor Auditorium.
    One night after a game, in bitter cold, blizzard conditions my car would not start. This was before cell phones and the net. Soon a man, leaving the auditorium and going to his car, saw me sitting in mine. He asked if I needed help. He used his AAA Card to get me emergency service, then gave me a ride to my home near the University of Maine when my car had to be towed to a local garage for work the next day. What a superb gesture from a perfect stanger in miserable conditions.

    Well, I found out it was Lumberjack Head Coach Michael Uporsky. He was fired two weeks later.
    He was the man who brought Billy Ray Bates to Bangor and built the franchise roster only to be run out of
    town by the the likes of the ownership of the Jacks.

    What ever became of Michael, I will never forget his
    act of helping me in dire straits. NOT A WORD mentioned on him about the original Jacks and he was the man who assembled and coached them.

    Joe Rebholz

    Joseph rebholz

    7 May 15 at 2:52 pm

  3. […] took his considerable skills to the Western Basketball Association and Continental Basketball Association, where he displayed his talents for a few seasons – primarily with the Billings Volcanos […]

  4. The guys on espn PTI were discussing the former 7ft 5 inch player Chuck Nevitt. I know he played a back up role on a number of NBA teams. He was very clumsy and not agile but I remember him playing for the CBA team the rapid city thrillers for at least a year or two but I can’t find any reference to it online. Does anyone else remember him playing in the CBA in the early 90’s?

    tim forster

    13 Jun 17 at 11:23 pm

  5. I don’t think Chuck Nevitt played for the Thrillers. But he did play for the Capital Region (NY) Pontiacs and the Hartford Hellcats of the CBA in the early 1990’s. The Pontiacs were a new name (based on a sponsorship with a local Pontiac car dealer group) for a team better known as the Albany Patroons. Both Phil Jackson and George Karl got their head coaching starts in the CBA and coached the Patroons to league championships during the 1980’s. – Drew

    Drew Crossley

    15 Jun 17 at 12:36 am

  6. I think Chuck Nevitt played for more than one CBA team. Yes, you are right about Georgle Karl and Phil Jackson. I also watched Tim Legler the NBA shooting star and now ESPN analyst play CBA ball. I did find this roster of players that played for the rapid city thrillers and yes Chuck Nevitt was listed. I knew he had played for the Thrillers at some point in the late 80’s to early 90’s. The CBA was kinda like the wild west, players came and went on a whim. It was fun to watch and I miss it. Thanks to Isiah Thomas, the former Detroit Piston All star, the CBA died a quick death. Here is the site i refered to:

    tim forster

    18 Jun 17 at 10:00 pm

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