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New York-Penn League Programs

1970 Niagara Falls Pirates Program

1972 Niagara Falls Pirates Program

1973 Niagara Falls Pirates Program

1974 Newark Co-Pilots Program

1975 Batavia Trojans Program

1975 Oneonta Yankees Program

1976 Oneonta Yankees Program

1977 Batavia Trojans Program

1977 Geneva Cubs Program

1977 Newark-Wayne Co-Pilots Program

1978 Batavia Trojans Program

1978 Newark Co-Pilots Program

1978 Niagara Falls Pirates Program

1978 Oneonta Yankees Program

1979 Elmira Pioneers Program

1979 Newark Co-Pilots Program

1979 Niagara Falls Pirates Program

1979 Utica Blue Jays Program

1980 Auburn Americans Program

1980 Elmira Pioneers Program

1980 Jamestown Expos Program

1980 Utica Blue Jays Program

1981 Batavia Trojans Program

1981 Erie Cardinals Program

1981 Geneva Cubs Program

1981 Oneonta Yankees Program

1981 Elmira Pioneers Program

1982 Batavia Trojans Program

1982 Elmira Suns Program

1983 Niagara Falls White Sox Program

1983 Utica Blue Sox Program

1984 Auburn Astros Program

1984 Batavia Trojans Program

1984 Erie Cardinals Program

1984 Geneva Cubs Program

1984 Jamestown Expos Program

1984 Niagara Falls White Sox Program

1984 Oneonta Yankees Program

1985 Erie Cardinals Program

1985 Newark Orioles Program

1985 Niagara Falls White Sox Program

1985 Niagara Falls White Sox Program

1985 Niagara Falls White Sox Program

1986 Erie Cardinals Yearbook

1986 Geneva Cubs Program

1986 Little Falls Mets

1986 St. Catharine's Blue Jays

Ed Ott Watertown Pirates

Batavia Clippers Program

St. Catharines Blue Jays Program

1988 Geneva Cubs Program

Hamilton Redbirds Program

St. Catharine's Blue Jays Program

Elmira Pioneers Program

1989 Niagara Falls Rapids Program

Hamilton Redbirds Program

1990 Niagara Falls Rapids Program

St. Catharine's Blue Jays Program

Erie Sailors Program

Watertown Indians Program

Elmira Pioneers Program

Tom Seaver New York Mets

Utica Blue Sox Program

New Jersey Cardinals Program

Vermont Expos Program

1995 Hudson Valley Renegades Program

1995 Vermont Expos Yearbook

1995 Williamsport Cubs Program

1996 Auburn Doubledays Program

1996 Hudson Valley Renegades Program

1996 Lowell Spinners Program

1996 Hudson Valley Renegades Program

Jason Isringhausen Pittsfield Mets

1996 Vermont Expos Yearbook

1997 Lowell Spinners Program

1997 Vermont Expos Yearbook

1998 Lowell Spinners Program

1998 Pittsfield Mets Program

1999 Pittsfield Mets Program

2000 New Jersey Cardinals Program

2000 New Jersey Cardinals Score Card

2000 Mahoning Valley Scrappers Program

2001 Erie SeaWolves Program

2001 Pittsfield Astros Program

2003 Auburn Doubledays Program

2003 New Jersey Cardinals Program

2004 New Jersey Cardinals Program

2004 Oneonta Tigers Program

2004 Staten Island Yankees Yearbook

2005 New Jersey Cardinals Program

2005 Oneonta Tigers Program

2008 Auburn Doubledays Program

2009 Aberdeen IronBirds Program

2009 Auburn Doubledays Program

2009 Brooklyn Cyclones Program

2010 Auburn Doubledays Program

2010 Brooklyn Cyclones Program

2012 Auburn Doubledays Program

2013 Lowell Spinners Program

2013 New York-Penn League All-Star Game

2014 Brooklyn Cyclones Program

Mauricio Dubon Lowell Spinners

Matthew Grimes Aberdeen Ironbirds

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  1. Looking for a 1972 Niagara Falls Pirates program. I was the batboy for that team. Damn, wish I had saved a program or two. Any help would be greatly appreciated….Thanks….Nick


    27 Jan 15 at 1:38 pm

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