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Mississippi-Ohio Valley League (1949-1955)

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The Mississippi-Ohio Valley League was a Class D minor league that operated from 1949 to 1955.  The league was originally formed in 1947 and was known as the Illinois State League for its first two seasons (1947-1948).  Following the 1955 season, the league changed names again and became the Midwest League, which continues to operate to this day.

The Mississippi-Ohio Valley League featured teams in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio. (But not Mississippi).


Mississippi-Ohio Valley League Franchise List

Team Years Active Tagged Posts
Belleville Stags 1949 Tagged Posts
Canton Citizens 1952 Tagged Posts
Centralia Cubs 1949 Tagged Posts
Centralia Sterlings 1950 Tagged Posts
Centralia Zeros 1951-1952 Tagged Posts
Clinton Pirates 1954-1955 Tagged Posts
Danville Dans 1951-1954 Tagged Posts
Decatur Commodores 1952-1955 Tagged Posts
Dubuque Packers 1954-1955 Tagged Posts
Hannibal Cardinals 1953-1954 Tagged Posts
Hannibal Citizens 1955 Tagged Posts
Hannibal Stags 1952 Tagged Posts
Kokomo Giants 1955 Tagged Posts
Lafayette Chiefs 1955 Tagged Posts
Mattoon Indians 1949-1952 Tagged Posts
Mattoon Phillies 1953-1955 Tagged Posts
Mount Vernon Kings 1949-1954 Tagged Posts
Paducah Chiefs 1949-1950 Tagged Posts
Paris Lakers 1950-1955 Tagged Posts
Springfield Giants 1950 Tagged Posts
Vincennes Citizens 1950 Tagged Posts
Vincennes Velvets 1951-1952 Tagged Posts
West Frankfort Cardinals 1949-1950 Tagged Posts

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