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Northeast League (1995-2004)

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Northeast League Independent BaseballFormed: 1995
Re-Branded: Fall 2004 (Can-Am League)

First Game:
Last Game:

Seasons: 6
States & Provinces: 8 (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Quebec & Rhode Island)


The Northeast League was an independent professional baseball circuit that during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

For four seasons from 1999 through 2002, the Northeast League participated in a merger with the Upper Midwest-based Northern League. During that time, the Northeastern team competed in a separate division called “Northern League East”. The champions of Northern League East played the champions of Northern League Central for the overall Northern League crown. The Northern League East clubs won the overall championship in all four seasons of the merger.

The merger with the Northern League ended in 2002. The Eastern clubs took back the Northeast League named for the 2003 season.

Three weeks before the 2004 season opened, Allentown Ambassadors owner Peter Karoly abruptly folded his team. The remaining Northeast League owners scrambled to assemble a travel team (“The Aces”) to replace Allentown’s dates on the schedule. The ensuing litigation between Karoly and the other Northeast League owners caused the league to re-organize itself as the Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball (Can-Am League) in the fall of 2004. The Can-Am League remains active in the Northeast and Quebec today.


Northeast League Franchise List

Franchise Years Active* Northeast League Champions
The Aces 2004 None
Adirondack Lumberjacks 1995-1998 1995
Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs 1995-1998 1996
Allentown Ambassadors 1997-1998 & 2003   None
Bangor Blue Ox 1996-1997 None
Bangor Lumberjacks 2003-2004 None
Berkshire Black Bears 2003 None
Brockton Rox 2003-2004 2003
Catskill Cougars 1997-1998 None
Elmira Pioneers 1996-1998 & 2003-2004 1997
Massachusetts Mad Dogs 1997-1998 None
Mohawk Valley Landsharks 1995 None
New Haven County Cutters 2004 None
New Jersey Jackals 1998 & 2003-2004 1998-2004
Newburgh Night Hawks 1995-1996 None
North Shore Spirit 2003-2004 None
Les Capitales de Quebec 2003-2004 None
Rhode Island Tigersharks 1996 None
Sullivan Mountain Lions 1995 None
Waterbury Spirit 1997-1998 None
Yonkers Hoot Owls 1995 None

*For the years 1999-2002, franchises are listed on our Northern League page.



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