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You will find excerpts from the Fun While It Lasted interview series spread throughout the site.  Here are the full interview transcripts, organized alphabetically by sport and last name.   Click on any name to go to a downloadable file of the full interview.  All interviews are copyrighted.

Minor League Baseball

Chris Ames
Director of Ticket Sales/The World Famous Monkey Boy
Nashua (NH) Pride (1998-2000)
On: first jobs, the birth of a mascot act, and impressing the San Diego Chicken

Chris English
Nashua (NH) Pride (1997-2004)
On: buying ball clubs out of the newspaper, Rusty Staub and independent baseball

Lloyd Kern
West Haven (CT) YankeesLynn (MA) Sailors (1977-1981)
On: minor league ownership in 1970’s

Andy Milovich
Director of Stadium Operations/Director of Media Relations
Madison Hatters/Battle Creek Golden Kazoos/Michigan Battle Cats (1994-1995)
On: Kazoos, sham ‘Name The Team’ contests, Operating your team as a community trust

John Tull
General Manager
Peninsula (VA) Pilots (1989-1990)
On: Breaking Into Sports, Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” as interpreted by a Harry Caray impersonator  


Professional Basketball

Rob Ekno
Director of Public Relations
Worcester (MA) Counts (1989)
On: How to paper a city with free tickets, the double-edged sword of buying broadcast time, drugs & alcohol

Rich Ernsting
Program Artist
Indiana Pacers (1975-1976)
On: Creating watercolor art for Pacers game programs during the ABA era

Jimmy Oldham
Director of International Public Relations
World Basketball League
On: Short basketball pilayers, slippery balls and getting big in Europe

Kevin Veleke
General Manager
Washington Lumberjacks (1978-1979)
On: The Western Basketball Association

Steven Warshaw
General Manager
Bay State Bombardiers (1984-1986) & Rockford Lightning (1986-1987)
On: Dave Cowens, salty popcorn and the quest to play ball in the sunshine


Professional Football

Rob Ekno
Director of Public Relations
New England Steamrollers (1988)
On: Free tickets, cocaine, homelessness

Rudi Schiffer
Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations
Memphis Showboats (1984-1985)
On: Promoting soccer and football in Memphis, Reggie White’s socks

Gil Swalls
Director of Public Relations
Oklahoma Outlaws (1984)
On: spring football, terrible weather and demanding a domed stadium


Professional Hockey

Peter Wilt
Public Relations
Milwaukee Admirals (1983-1987)
On: Breaking into sports, his bias against Notre Dame grads, & the difference between propeller planes and turbo props.

Miles Wolff
Raleigh IceCaps (1991-1995)
On: making ice, profane four-year olds in Toledo, and independent baseball’s debt to the ECHL

Godfrey Wood
New England Stingers (1994)
On: roller hockey vs. ice hockey


Professional Soccer

Micah Buchdahl
Director of Public Relations/Acting General Manager
New York Express (1986-1987)
On: Shep Messing, financial ruin and looted office equipment

Bill Kentling
Major Indoor Soccer League (1986-1989)
On: ‘Save the Team’ campaigns, threatening peoples’ pets, and the NBA’s debt to indoor soccer

Ilisa Kessler
General Manager
FC Gold Pride (2008-2010)
On: the Marta Effect (or lack thereof), unitards and the youth soccer fallacy

Ingo Krieg
Jacksonville Tea Men (1983-84)
On: rescuing a failing franchise and the Jackson 5 Victory Tour

Dave Presher
General Manager
San Diego Spirit (2002-2003)
On: gutsy trades, signing Marta, and losing your league

Rudi Schiffer
Vice President of Public Relations/General Manager – Memphis Rogues (1978-1980)
General Manager – Calgary Boomers (1980-1981)
On: Promoting soccer in the 1970’s, Parents Without Partners, and spying on Red Auerbach




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